Jennifer Griffin reports grisly details how calls for help at Benghazi were deliberately ignored

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin appeared on America’s Election HQ today to discuss the Benghazi attacks through the lens of one of her sources, who apparently recounted a number of brutal details about how the situation unfolded on September 11.

Griffin said her source detailed a frantic situation, with Washington repeatedly (and bewilderingly) telling American forces to “stand down,” and with promised reinforcements failing to arrive in spite of being well within striking distance.

The source in question was reportedly stationed at the local CIA annex, where a sizable number of US forces were holed up after being told to “stand down” and avoid danger, rather than attempt to mount a rescue for the survivors. Starting at 9:40 PM, these soldiers asked the base chief for permission to help at the consulate. The chief told them to “stand down” as he was trying to arrange Libyan help for the mission.

He apparently failed. The troops asked his permission again at 10:30 PM. Again, denied. Griffin added that in attempting to rescue the survivors and climbing the walls of the consulate to do so, deliberately putting themselves at risk, the soldiers, including slain Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, actively defied these orders.

Upon returning to the CIA annex with survivors, Griffin said one of the soldiers got on the radio and asked, frantically, at midnight: “Where the blank is the Spectre?” (Griffin didn’t say exactly which expletive she had replaced).

“Spectre” is short for a Lockheed AC-130 Spectre Gunship, a type of aircraft which reportedly was meant to arrive to assist in Benghazi. Special Operations Forces are also said to have deployed to southern Italy, and would have been available to act as reinforcements, but failed to arrive.

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